Extreme Territories of Urbanization

Neil Brenner, Kian Goh, Mariano Gomez-Luque, Daniel Ibañez, Nikos Katsikis and UTL students. 

This project subjects the theory of extended urbanization to “extreme stress” by applying it to several zones and conditions that are commonly thought to lie outside the urban condition:  the Arctic, the Amazon, the atmosphere, the Himalayas, the Gobi desert steppe, the Pacific ocean, the Sahara desert and Siberia.  Through a combination of historical analysis, critical geopolitical economy, geospatial data visualization and conceptual experimentation, our research aims to extend the analytical and political horizons of urban theory into these “extreme territories” of urbanization.

Projected outcome: ongoing research explorations

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Overview: Extreme Territories of Urbanization by Urban Theory Lab - GSD

Amazon: Extreme Territory of Urbanization. Video animation by Danika Cooper